Customized Training Programs

Empowering your talents to take the lead in Asia

Southeast Asia is now bustling with successful Japanese companies.

At the same time, common challenges are still being faced.

Expatriate Japanese leaders must leave their assignment brevery few years making it difficult to start strategic initiatives with a long-term perspective. Hence, the project becomes short-sighted in its strategy.

Human resource development is essential for an organization to take root in the local community and grow a strong and long-lasting business. In particular, the nurturing of successors is key.

Only by having local colleagues who live in the area and are committed to leadership can we promote strategies that take a long-term perspective. Management development is not easy and takes time.

That's why we specialize in next-generation leadership and management development.

We will support your company in developing leaders who understand both Southeast Asian and Japanese cultures, and who can create business and drive it to new stages.

In addition to business skills, leaders need a kokorozashi. Something we define as a personal mission that unifies the passions and skills of a professional to create positive change in society. Kokorozashi is unwavering and acts as a compass for decision making in all aspects of life and business.

We have a proven 30-years track record of helping over 1.12 million leaders acquire practical management skills and find their kokorozashi.

We believe all companies who are striving to contribute to society in Asia will grow.

We are here to provide outstanding educational opportunities, inspire kokorozashi-driven leaders, and walk with you, every step of the way.

How GLOBIS Corporate Education is Unique

  • Kokorozashi-driven leaders
    We are helping discover their kokorozashi, a personal mission that unifies the passions and skills of an individual to create positive change in Asian society and around the world.
  • Practical Application
    Practical Application
    GLOBIS Faculty, chosen for their professional backgrounds and excellent facilitation skills, lead practical discussions and share the challenges they have overcome in their professional lives.
  • Synergy between Japan and overseas
    Synergy between Japan and overseas
    We propose customized training programs that leverage GLOBIS global network and are consistent and synergistic between your Japan and overseas offices.
[ Program Design Steps ]

It is essential to develop leaders who can drive organizations to new stages. To this end, we design programs that enhance "humanity" and discover kokorozashi, one’s compass for life and decision making, while incorporating the latest business knowledge and enabling participants to gain practical skills. We know that to achieve success in overseas expansion, it is essential to develop leaders and create a strong organizational culture. Our organizational development professionals will design an appropriate program to realize the future you envision as a company.

  • Effective training programs designed to achieve
    your company vision and mission
    Human resource development is key for a company's future. It is essential to have a strong vision from the top as to what kind of change you want to bring in your organization. The first thing GLOBIS consultants do is listen to and mutually summarize the mission and vision that the management has in mind and the concept of ideal leadership that the organization is seeking. Then, based on GLOBIS' knowledge and experience with 3,800 companies, we propose appropriate training goals for your company. We also consider characteristics of each participant, and their challenges when we design the program.
    Example Program Goals

    Developing leaders to lead overseas offices. Developing organizational capability to create new businesses, etc.

  • Facilitation by Faculty with practical business
    experience, tailored to the needs of everyone
    Programs are designed with precision before they start. However, to make the training more effective, it is also necessary to be flexible to adapt the program content depending on the situation during the sessions. Our faculty are highly skilled in facilitation and can accurately identify the "right issues" for discussion while observing each participant closely. Our training program is not a one-way lecturing style but discussion-based, which enables participants to acquire practical skills and knowledge. After the training, we will also propose ongoing training support based on the strengths and challenges of the participants that we have identified in the sessions.
  • Long-term partnership to build the learning
    culture at your company
    To be successful in overseas expansion and to become a strong and capable organization for long-term growth, in addition to Leadership Development it is important to change the organizational culture. Strong organizational culture makes it possible to sustainably grow in the market. We will consider HR development from management perspectives and work closely with your company to better create a strong organizational culture.

[ Client Case ]

  • CASE 1

    Developing a strong system
    of succession to birth
    local leaders

    The President of the Southeast Asia headquarters of a Japanese company had experience establishing overseas offices in his early career and understood the challenges to manage and expand overseas businesses. He realized that he would not be able to take long-term strategic initiatives because he was supposed to leave the country within several years, and he would like to commit to local leadership development to solve this issue. GLOBIS was approached to help develop local leaders who could lead the company for the next five to ten years. After identifying candidates from each country, we began the training program. The president himself attended the classes and sometimes participated in the discussions. By communicating and discussing real issues happening in their companies, he showed his full commitment to these future leaders. Through this training, the participants not only acquired management skills, but also changed their mindset, leading to some participants being appointed to the top position. In addition to leaders, other staff also had opportunities to learn basic business knowledge to improve their skills. By expanding the participants, the company nurtured the organizational culture to celebrate learning.
  • CASE 2
    Developing leaders who
    create new business and build
    an organizational culture
    that supports new challenges
    The President of the Singapore office of a Japanese company contacted us, and he told us his vision: "We want to create a new business model originating from Southeast Asia. Moreover, we want to train people who can initiate new projects." The business model required defining customer value propositions, developing a profit model and key process, and identifying and acquiring key resources. The discussion of the business model brought a deeper understanding of the company's vision and a broader perspective. As a result, some of the proposed ideas were put into practice. The President's commitment to the training was also a major factor to motivate participants. He generously shared his own experiences and network with the participants. At the same time, the supervisors and colleagues of the participants also contributed their know-how and personal network. Those commitments from various people promoted better organizational culture to support the new challenges and projects in Southeast Asia.

[ Examples of Topics ]

    • Dissemination of corporate
    • Kokorozashi development
    • Logical thinking
    • Marketing / Strategy
    • Accounting / Finance
    • Facilitation / Negotiation
    • Cross-cultural communication
    • Global strategy
    • Global perspectives
    • Human resource management
    • Leadership behavior
    • Leadership development
    • Leadership for change
    • Leadership and organizational
    • Technovate
      (Technology + Innovation)
    • Business Model Innovation
    • Organizational Innovation
    • Business strategy planning
    • New business creation
    • Organizational change


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