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Leaders from Asia,
driving innovation across borders

In order to realize a better society, kokorozashi-driven (personal mission-driven) leaders who push creation and innovation are indispensable. With an increasing presence in the global economy, leaders in Southeast Asia are expected to show more initiative than ever. GLOBIS works closely with companies that are localizing their operations in Southeast Asia, helping them to execute their strategies and build their organizations. GLOBIS also offers a "Pre-MBA" course to provide business people working in Singapore with a life-long network and practical skills. GLOBIS aims to create a society in which leaders from Asia thrive and play an active role in every corner of the world.

Tomoko Katsurayama

President of GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte. Ltd.

葛山 智子:グロービスアジアキャンパス プレジデント

How we contribute to
Asia as Japan’s No.1 MBA

Our journey began in 1992 in a small, rented classroom. Since then, we have been driven by the vision to foster management ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge for creation and innovation in society. In 2006, we opened GLOBIS University, which became the largest business school in Japan. At the same time, our Corporate Services Division has helped more than 3,800 companies with training programs/HRD solutions. In Asia, we continue to commit to provide outstanding educational opportunities, and inspire kokorozashi-driven business leaders.

Yoshito Hori

President of GLOBIS University
Managing Partner of GLOBIS Capital Partners

堀 義人:グロービス代表


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