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Strengthen the mindset and thinking necessary to fulfill the role of a manager

●Participants will refine their strategic thinking and communication skills to become more active as managers. They will learn techniques to structure their thinking, first broadly before narrowing down options, making decisions and conveying their ideas. 
●The program aims to deepen the degree to which participants understand what is expected in their roles as active leaders.
This three-day program is conducted in English and targeted at managers and general managers who:
●are expected to be autonomous managers
●want or have been asked to think more strategically, broadly or ambitiously
●struggle with thinking and communication skills needed as a manager
●wish to broaden their perspective through discussions of issues and ideas they might not usually notice with people from other companies and industries

お申込み方法など/How to Apply
To register, please complete the online application at the bottom of this page
Participants will receive an invoice by email after application is closed on the deadline date.  Please pay by the due date.
Participants are required to prepare well in advance. This includes reading the materials and submitting a pre-assignment. Instructions for downloading and preparation will be sent 2 weeks before the program to the email address registered in the online application. Please make sure to check your email and download the materials in 2 weeks before the program.

2018年度本プログラム開講期/ Other schedule of this Program
■July, 2018:
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■October, 2018:
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■Feburary, 2019:
More information availabe here

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