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Past Seminars

[ Thu ]
[ Country ] Singapore  [ Place ] Maxwell Chambers
It has been three years since GLOBIS was established in Asia. We have been committing to develop future business leaders in Asian countries under the guidance of GLOBIS vision that is to "Developing visionary leaders who create and innovate societies in Asia".   In GLOBIS programs, participants are able to acquire necessary management skills. In addition to that, GLOBIS seeks eagerly to ignite the hearts of participants. People are less likely to apply what they have learnt if they are not inspired in the first place. Reversely, people will take initiatives in their own learning if they are inspired and their hearts are ignited.   In this seminar, Mr. Takahashi, Managing Director of GLOBIS Asia Pacific, will be introducing to you how GLOBIS can ignite people's hearts, and he will al...
[ Fri ]
[ Country ]   [ Place ] Conference Room 2, Level 3, TKP Conference Center Raffles Place, 55 Market Street, Singapore 048941
In today’s complex, globalized and technology-enabled world, effective business models have been changing consistently. This is especially true for Regional Business Headquarters operating in Asia Pacific Region, where has gathered more and more attention globally over the decades. Moreover, Regional Headquarters are expected to take up more important roles, from being “a manufacturing hub and/or a business delivery hub led by Japan Headquarter” to “an independent business creation center proactively driven on its own”. In midst of the huge shift in roles, most Japanese companies are facing many challenges during transition. People start to think how to manage and fill up gaps between their current companies and an ideal organization.

Tomoko Katsurayama

GLOBIS University
[ Tue ]
[ Country ]   [ Place ] Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel, Pacific 1, Level 1
In today’s complex, globalized and technology-enabled world, the effective leadership style has been changed. Especially in Asia, where has gathered more and more attention globally, people are starting to look for a new model of leadership. Have you been pondering over the following questions before? -   What will be the new roles of Asia?-   What are the challenges faced by Asia? How to overcome them?-   What are the new skills needed to lead in Asia?-   How to develop entrepreneurship and leadership in talents?

Yoshito Hori