Developing Visionary Asian Leaders

  • GLOBIS GLOBAL Leadership Program

    Leadership Program

    GLOBIS GLOBAL Leadership Program was established to support client companies with human resource development as an enabler of globalization. Our mission is to develop people who are capable of playing an active role in Asia as well as the rest of the world.
  • グロービス・アジア・キャンパス

    GLOBIS Asia Campus

    GLOBIS University, Japan’s largest MBA provider, is excited to bring its unique business education approach based on practicality, entrepreneurship, and Japanese & Asian management perspectives to its first overseas hub campus in Singapore.


  • More information coming soon.
  • グロービス代表挨拶

    Since our founding in 1992, GLOBIS has helped develop corporate organizations and human resources through a variety of services including: corporate training for more than 2,000 companies; individual business education for over 70,000 students; and an open-enrollment MBA program, the largest and highest ranked business school in Japan with Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sendai campuses.
  • グロービス、グローバルエデュケーション、マネジング・ディレクター挨拶

    Message from President of
    GLOBIS Asia Campus Pte.Ltd.

    GLOBIS Asia Campus : Human Resource・Corporate Training

    the world forwards through passionate leaders that create and innovate societies. We produce entrepreneurial leaders driven by a personal mission and bold in leading change. GLOBIS provides a breeding ground for leaders, where its members can acquire and hone practical business skills, support the development of their personal missions, and be part of a network committed to the growth of one and all.